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Electrical Panel Fire Suppression System

Electrical Panel Fire Suppression System is an extinguisher with a valve and a heat detection tube which acts as the detector and discharge feed for the agent. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals or wet agents to suppress equipment fires. When the temperature attains a certain level around the pipe it makes a small pressurised hole in the pipe, which then launch the agent directly onto the risk. This Pneumatic Heat Detection Tube suppression system is ideal for heavy power equipment, boats, vehicles, small machinery, electrical switch cabinets and fume cupboards.

Product Details:

Fire Suppression Type Gaseous Agents
Gas Type Novec 1230,FM 200, GAs
Body Material Carbon Steel
Capacity 2-4 Kg
Discharge Time 7-10 sec
Working Pressure 25 Bar
High Pressure Hose Not Required
Filling Tolerance 5.00%
Working Temp 90-110
Power Source Not Required, operate simply using pneumatics
Fire Class A,B,C
Certification ISO
Automation Grade Automatic
Time Of Extinguishing 5-7 sec
Usage/Application Electrical Enclosure/Server Rack