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Fire Safety Audit Services

The Fire Safety Audit is a systematic and independent assessment of the fire risks present on the premises and includes recommendations regarding appropriate measures to control and mitigate the effects of the fire.

With the rich industrial experience and modern technical knowledge, we are able to offer fire safety audit in India with accomplished professional who has vast knowledge in this domain. In addition, this security audit service has gained huge popularity in the market for its hassle free management and timely execution. We are providing this security audit service to our customers at nominal prices.

What are the Objectives of any fire safety audit?

  • Identify all critical fire hazards.
  • Identify those who are threatened by each threat.
  • Evaluate existing control measures.
  • Determine additional control measures required.
  • Examining the availability of appropriate emergency plans detailing the responsibility and action of key personnel.
  • Review the availability of appropriate fire alarms and detection systems
  • Review the availability of suitable fire fighting facilities, such as hydrants, sprinklers, sprinklers, etc.
  • Evaluate the passive fire protection system provided.
  • Evaluate general awareness of occupants and security personnel on matters related to fire safety and rescue operations.
  • Evaluate training and instructions on fire protection provided to employees and occupants.
  • Testing all fire protection devices and systems

Who should do Fire Safety Audit?

  • Industry body
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Corporate houses