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Gas Based Fire Suppression System

Gas Based Fire Suppression System is generally used in closed rooms. The Gas Based Fire Suppression System uses the principle of breaking the fire triangle (combustion triangle) and extinguishing the fire. The various detectors and sensors placed at various locations in the building monitor constantly for the signs of spark or fire, the alarm is triggered and evacuation signals are sent to all personal through the public address system.

Then, the agents like CO2, Inergen, FM200, Novec 1230, Fe-13, Inert gas are released in the rooms and oxygen in the room reduced to a level where fire can't exist.

Nonetheless, people and animals remain unharmed, because of the gas. Because of such a system, all the sensitive and critical elements remain safe and unharmed by fire or water. There are various Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Systems or gas based fire suppression systems are standard in the modern active fire protection systems.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity One Unit
Fire Suppression Type Gaseous Agents
Body Material Carbon Steel
Gaseous Agent CO2,Inergen, FM200, Novec 1230,Fe-13, Inert gas
Working Pressure 12-14 bar
Capacity 1-3 Kg
Jet Range 4-12 sec
Automation Grade Automatic
Usage/Application Office, Shopping Mall, Office, Factory, Residential, Commercial