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Spark Detection and Suppression System

Spark detection and suppression system can be an extremely integral component in any light or heavy industrial conveying application. We are basically involving in numerous engineered spark detection systems installed to shut down equipment and suppress sparks before the material on the conveyors reaches the storage area, where an explosion or fire would be imminent.

Hazard Analysis

Due to the uniqueness of these types of hazards, we will perform on-site hazard analysis and engineer a detection and suppression system that best suits your individual needs.

Spark detection and fire extinguishing systems work faster than explosions. Spark detection and fire extinguishing systems are designed to prevent ignition sources from entering hazardous areas of dust explosion, such as silos and filters. Extremely fast and sensitive spark detectors detect ignition sources in a millisecond and begin to extinguish water. The extinguishing normally lasts for 5 seconds and stops automatically.

Our customers include companies that work in wood, Bio-energy, recycling, paper, food, textile and fibred-reinforced plastic industries.