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  • Jun 03, 2021

What is Foam Flooding System?

Foam is a total of air-filled bubbles formed from aqueous liquids which are in lower quantity than flammable fluids. It is used mostly to form a cohesive floating blanket on flammable and combustible liquids and stops or extinguishes fire by excluding air and cooling the fuel. Efficient Fire and Security Solutions Private Limited is the best supplier and manufacturer for Foam Flooding Systems in India at the best cost. It also stops re-ignition by defeating the formation of flammable vapors. It has the property of adhering to covers, which gives a degree of exposure shelter from adjacent fires.

Automatic Foam Flooding System

The automatic Foam System is available in both top-mounted forms with fixed and semi-fixed foam pourers. This system can be used for both the Cone roof and Floating roof tanks. An automated system can be provided with a user-friendly interface for control and maintenance, with a touchpad interface. The option for a remote monitoring facility is available as a variant.

High and Low-Pressure CO2 System Foam

High and Low-Pressure CO2 System Foam applied in fire protection is an aggregate of air-filled bubbles produced from aqueous solutions and is of lower density than the lightest flammable liquids. It is essentially used to form a coherent floating blanket on flammable and combustible fluids to prevent or extinguish fires by excluding air and cooling the fuel. It then blocks re-ignition by suppressing the formation of flammable vapors, and also adheres to surfaces, giving a degree of exposure shelter from adjacent fires.

Foam can be used as a fire blocking, control, or extinguishing agent for flammable liquid in tanks or processing areas.

1. Low expansion foam

Low Expansion foam offers a 5:1 expansion rate, making it the foam system of supply in India to protect large and uncertain facilities, including; petrochemical tank farms, loading docks, processing areas, and refineries, and liquefied natural gas area.

Organizations storing or handling flammable and combustible fluids will usually require to comply with Indian Standards AS1940 ‘The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids’ and Efficient Fire and Security Solutions Private Limited can implement the design expertise and system elements to help any facility comply with this Standard.

2. High expansion foam

With an expansion rate of 500:1, High Expansion foam systems are more proper to protect less common three-dimensional dangerous facilities including; warehouses, conveyors, aircraft hangars, and tunnels.

As such, high expansion foam is covered by volume output rather than application speed, as is typical of low expansion foams.

With both low and high expansion foam systems, once a piece of equipment has been assessed either an ‘Aspirating’ or ‘Non-Aspirating’ release device’ will be recommended, based on the facility's requirements. For maximum effectiveness, the expansion ratio, discharge device, and foam concentrate must be right. With our knowledge and expertise, Efficient Fire and Security Solutions Private Limited can recommend the most appropriate devices for your situation.

Required Components

Foam extinguishing systems are the most effective fire protection systems for this risk area, particularly in fire categories A and B.

  • Foam sprinklers and nozzles
  • Foam maker/foam chamber/foam pourer
  • Foam monitor for external use
  • High expansion foam generator
  • Direct Alarm foam
  • Foaming agent concentrate

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